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Maela, an innovative solution for patient care

throughout the surgical procedure.

The combination of human efforts and online health for optimum patient care

Maela provides a new solution for online, mobile and cloud medical follow-up for healthcare establishments. Our service has been developed in cooperation with practitioners and healthcare establishment managers and greatly optimises the preparation, support and follow-up of patients undergoing outpatient surgery and in ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery). Thanks to our secure platform, the use of online features and our 24-hour nursing follow-up centre, patients, nurses and practitioners are able to exchange medical information and monitor patients remotely at all times. Maela is present throughout the entire process from the pre-operative phase when it facilitates admissions and preparations right through to the post-intervention phase when it offers personalised follow-up for each patient. Maela offers practitioners different follow-up options for their patients from the most simple to ones requiring enhanced monitoring and equipment to obtain reliable data. Maela is a solution which guarantees the patient and practitioner security in the administering of innovative medicine.


A network of nurses who are available 24/7


Patients who are supervised and monitored remotely


All information is transmitted in real time to the surgeon

Why use Maela?

Personalised follow-up of patients 24 hours a day by a network of dedicated, available nurses

Preparation and support for the patient throughout the entire process

Less time spent in hospital and improved patient convalescence

Smooth-running procedure for the patient within the establishment

A Web platform, stylish, secure mobile applications that help people to stay connected

Modernisation and enhancement of efficiency of hospital practices

A simply procedure guaranteeing patient security

Create an access profile

for your patient: select the follow-up procedure you have defined for his intervention which can be parameterised to take into account the specific features of each case.

Prior to the operation

the patient completes a pre-operative check-list and accesses the informative content concerning his illness or intervention He may share this information if he wishes with friends and family in preparation for the operation. Our nurses will also be available to offer guidance and support.

After the operation

depending on the level of follow-up chosen and the details required, the patient may be provided with a case containing connected objects. The medical staff will check with the patient to ensure that he is ready for follow-up at home.

At home, the patient implements the follow-up protocol

defined by his practitioner. Questionnaires, reminders concerning treatment, measurements and photographs and anything that would be checked by a nurse in hospital can be dealt with directly via the Maela platform. The patient may also contact our nurses at any time to ask their advice.

A nurse will be available 24 hours a day to monitor the data,

respond to the patient’s questions or concerns during the follow-up period and will be able to contact the practitioner on matters which are outside the scope of the follow-up.

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