Maela – the benchmark solution for remote patient management

Aimed at healthcare institutions and their medical teams, our solutions support you in implementing innovative processes for all your treatment pathways.

Enjoy the benefits of one single and patient-centred platform.

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As a hospital director

Our solutions help you to :

  • Support digital transformation and modernise your treatments with a tool available in many languages.

  • Achieve your objectives related to efficiency initiatives such as Length of Stay reduction programmes.

  • Facilitate coordination of care and streamline treatment journeys with an innovative monitoring solution.

  • Prepare and ensure the patient’s safe return home.

As a physician

Our solutions help you to :

  • Standardise and modernise your processes for outpatient care, improved rehabilitation following surgery, and enhance your collection and monitoring of patient outcomes data.

  • Free up time for the entire medical team thanks to surveillance alert management that can be customised to meet your monitoring requirements.

  • Educate your patients using instructional and treatment-specific content adapted to your clinical pathways.

  • Maintain complete traceability over all elements arising from remote monitoring in accordance with medico-legal standards.

  • Maintain an ongoing connection with your patients, evaluate their experience of their treatment and assess their satisfaction levels.

Multi-specialty protocols

We monitor the patient’s health throughout their entire treatment journey.

We measure the outcomes and the patient experience (PREMS/PROMS)

Digestive & visceral
Cardiac and thoracic
…And lots more !
Monitoring for COVID-19
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy monitoring
Outpatient care
…And lots more !
Heart Failure
Chronic respiratory complaints
…And lots more !
Pregnancy monitoring for mother and child
Postnatal monitoring for parent and child
…And lots more !
Or you can create your own protocol !

A service offering to suit your needs

A SaaS subscription

A flexible and customised solution

Interoperability and integration with the Hospital Information System

Data security in compliance with GDPR

Available in SaaS mode with no prior installation

Authorised hosting for health data

They trust us


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