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for an end-to-end solution

A nursing platform devoted to remote follow-up of your patients, available 24/7

Our nursing platform is made up of 18 nurses, with remote follow-up expertise, who monitor your patients. Our nurses guide patients along their care pathway, reassuring them and redirecting them towards the referring hospital in the case of medical complications.

At all times, the patient can request a call-back from Maela nurses. No question is left unanswered.

Training and roll-out assistance

Maela’s teams of experts will guide you in the launch and roll-out of online patient follow-up.

Production of communication materials intended for patients (connected care pathway, ambulatory passport and innovative ERAS).

Our communication department creates custom materials in your facility’s colours to guide the transition and implementation of these innovative pathways.

Guidance and auditing

Maela works in partnership with the consulting firm HCM, Hopital Concept Management, which is specialised in hospital efficiency.

E-health consulting

Do you have an e-health project and do you need support? Our experts are available to provide you with answers.