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Maela le meilleur outil de suivi évalué à ce jour par GRACE

Maela, le meilleur outil de suivi évalué à ce jour par GRACE – 30/11/2016

The Maela solution has been reviewed by the learned association GRACE, which is specialised in ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery). It has emerged as the best tool currently available on the market for medical follow-up and patient discharge reassurance. It is also the most powerful due to its versatility. Maela obtains very good patient compliance due to its ease of use. Finally, our nursing platform, made up of experienced and dedicated professionals, has demonstrated a real difference in patient reassurance and practitioners’ confidence in the solution.

Co-design with health professionals with expertise in the ERAS sector differentiates our solution from existing tools which are not suited to practitioners’ constraints.

Recognition from a learned association that is as renowned as GRACE demonstrates the merits of this strategic choice. GRACE is currently the only objective reference stakeholder to have tested the various solutions available on the market.

Maela review